Stratified Ginseng Seed 2018

Pre Order Form – This form is for those who wish to purchase stratified ginseng seed from us for the 2017 season. The seed is $170:00 a pd.

Send a e-mail to  to let me know that you want the seed and I will send you a conformation e-mail and reserve the seed for you.

We will sell out early so I do recommend that you pre order to reserve and get your seed at the right time for sowing. The seed will be shipped in early September. At that time I will e-mail or call you again for billing and delivery information.

Remember I have made a video teaching how to plant stratified seed HERE. I have also wrote a detailed article on what companion plants and trees to look for HERE After you follow these instructions I have added video no#2 that showed the results of the seeds that we planted in the first video HERE This method is tried and proving and works very well. Remember planting time and preparation is important so make sure to be prepared for planting.

Billy Taylor.