Seed Bed Roots

Quality Wild Plants in your seed bed is the key to producing quality stratified seed.If you grow or want to begin to grow your own then you need seed from a good plant source & Ky Wild Ginseng is among the best in the world and transplants exceptionally well.

As you can see in these photos I harvest and sell some very good seed bed roots.Watch the video below to see 2 roots that I dug for a friend during the 2010 season.I am very experienced at knowing what roots transplant well for our customers.

I take orders starting September 1st of each season and fill them until season is over.

I sell two age groups of roots for transplanting by the lb. I do not sell any wild roots under 5 years age. Keep in mind these are wild roots not woods grown or cultivated. Also keep in mind that these are hand selected from the purchased and dug roots each day for quality and unless they will grow once transplanted they are not chose from the stock. They must have next years bud on the root steam (neck)

lot no#1 – five to eight year old Seed bed roots  – These are the most popular with our growers as you get a few more roots $275.00 a lb

lot no# 2 – eight to twelve year old wild roots – Larger in size and steam for instant larger berry pods instantly $375 a lb.

Any large roots such as a 2 oz.+ roots with a vary large steam are sold separately and by the root not by the lb. If you would like to order a few like the one in this video contact me concerning it.

Use the Contact Us Page to order You must contact me on prices for seed roots as the market for wild ginseng varies each season.

Once harvested these roots are put in rich Mountain soil immediately and kept fresh untill shipment or pick up.

My roots are fresh dug wild ginseng roots they are 5 years minimum age

Watch this video to see a root dug for a friend to add to his seed bed plants.