Dry Ginseng

Our Dry Wild Ginseng is not over handled and broking up

Our ginseng is not sold four or five times through several different dealers we dig and purchase wild ginseng directly from the diggers in our area so when you buy the ginseng from us it only changes from our hands to yours.

Alot of consumers purchase poor quality wild dry ginseng simply because they buy the ginseng from the fourth or fifth dealer down the line the dry ginseng has been broken up by then and has been picked through many times reducing the overall value and quality of the ginseng.

Ginseng Websites do not tell you this simply because they do not want you to know this.

I can be bold and tell you this because it is true and I can prove that what I say is true.

For High quality Dry Wild Ginseng that changes hands only one time. Buy from Taylor`s.

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