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Taylors Ginseng is located at 1 Taylors Roots Rd: Middlesboro KY: 40965

The fresh wild ginseng price list is now available for the 2018 season Here You will need the Password please send me a e-mail with your name and phone no#  this is done for privacy reasons and because we receive a lot of spam. So having a pass word allows us to discern a real customer from spam. Thank you for taking time to contact us.

Billy 606-242-9884


As a dedicated steward of wild ginseng Billy has worked for years to perfect his ability to keep & deliver fresh wild ginseng roots. Billy is a rare american ginseng dealer that invites his customers to his home & business. Billy said I like for my customers to know me and I like to know my customers. This way they can see that we take pride in what we do and that we have three strict rules that are followed here.

No# 1 – We teach and demand good digging habits from our diggers when in the forest to produce a better wild product by digging the roots properly and not damaging them.

No# 2 – Once we have the roots we have experience in how to store, handle and ship the ginseng to maintain the crisp freshness of the roots thanks to years of learning by experience.

No# 3 – We deal with our customers directly cutting out the middle man so that the wild ginseng is never over handled by to many people, never over shipped by to many mail carriers, and never sent from a second or third dealer down the line. Our wild ginseng comes directly to us from the Mountains and then comes directly from us to you our customer. There is no fresher wild ginseng available no where in America.

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