Wild Market

Wild Ginseng and The Wild Ginseng Market is not as other Ginseng Markets are; Wild Ginseng is the best Quality of all ginseng because it is all Natural and Wild.

Let me explain first by talking about the three ginseng`s that are not wild:

These are farmed, woods grown, and wild simulated.

1 – Farmed Ginseng is grown in beds like vegetables, a lot use many chemicals and unnatural methods to grow under imitation shade and they know how old the roots are in every bed before they dig them. The ginseng is not wild so they are able to pre set there prices every season because they are farm raised. Therefore, they know the prices before season.

2 –  Woods grown ginseng is a little better ginseng than Farmed because it is grown under the natural forest canopy; however, it may be fertilized or tilled soil and other things such as chemicals that may be used in growing this ginseng. The seed is planted and not wild sown therefore, they know the year and age of every bed and can pre determine prices.

3 – Wild simulated is the best of these 3 and most likely will have no chemicals or tilled ground and the overall quality is better than the first two. Still they too can predetermine the age of their ginseng because the seed was planted, so they know how much seed was planted and when it was planted. 

                                                Wild Ginseng

 Is an all Natural Ginseng Root that was put in the Mountain by the Creator. It has not been touched by man and there is no tilled soil thus, causing the stress rings of all wild ginseng. It has no pesticides or chemicals; it is WILD and there is no other ginseng that compares to it in quality, PERIOD.

Wild Ginseng season opens up in September on the 1st day in KY, TN, & VA. These are the three States that we represent as Dealers. Most of the time the wild ginseng tops will die out in mid to late November, I have seen rare seasons when the tops lasted till early December but, that is rare. So we have between two and three Months to harvest all fresh wild ginseng that will be harvested before the tops die and seeing that you can not keep it fresh for long periods of time before the sale, fresh wild ginseng sales usually ends by middle to late December every season. Do not be deceived there is no way to buy fresh wild ginseng after late December. Websites lie all the time.

Our prices are based on my knowledge and experience of the crops every season. Our prices are not based on what others say or do or others prices.

This is why we have so many customers that deal with us and this is why they continue to buy from us year after year and never look anywhere else. Our customers are very happy. We invite them to our business and to our home; we tell them the truth through this site and we show them the truth at our own home and that is why Taylors Fresh Wild Ginseng is well established in the Appalachian Mountains of KY, TN, & VA:

This information that I give you on our website is not found on many websites; because many do not sell wild ginseng at all and they can not prove that their ginseng is wild. I can, and that is why I share this information with the world.

We are not ashamed of our ginseng and we are not ashamed to call it what it is and that is True Wild American Ginseng.

Take care of your body first.

Billy Taylor.