Star Grub Root / False Unicorn

Buying and Selling False Unicorn/Star Grub– There are two price guides dealers guide and diggers guide please request the one that you need here and I will send you one.

False Unicorn/Star Grub – Women use false unicorn for treating ovarian cysts, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, vomiting from pregnancy, and infertility. Some women take it to normalize hormones after discontinuing birth control pills.False unicorn is also used to treat digestive problems and to relieve water retention by increasing urine flow. Some people also use it to rid the intestines of worms.

Always a good money-maker and always at the top of the market. Found well around lakes with rocky banks and medium moisture hollers does well where it is not to dry but at the same time it is not to wet. Easy to build a good order because it is easy to dry and store for sell later on and is not real bulky.