Golden Seal / Yellow Root

Buying and Selling Goldenseal – There are two price guides dealers guide and diggers guide please request the one that you need here and I will send you one.

Goldenseal - is a Native American medicinal plant introduced to early settlers by Cherokee Indians. It is also called  golden daisy, maudlinwort, moon daisy, eye balm, ox-eye daisy, yellow root, orange root, and eye-root. Goldenseal can be found in moist forest soils and damp meadows. This plant is so bitter that it has almost no natural predators.

Golden Seal’s benefits can be attributed to its alkaloids. These alkaloids are strongly astringent. Traditionally, golden seal has been applied topically to treat minor skin wounds and cold sores. It has been taken orally to subside diarrhea and to boost the immune system. Once, it was also used as strong tea for indigestion. Today, it is used to help symptoms of the cold and flu. Goldenseal is commonly combined with Echinacea to treat cold and flu symptoms, especially coughs and sore throats. Lozenges containing golden seal, Echinacea and zinc are also popular.

Golden Seal is the correct name for this beloved root but it is more often referred to as Yellow Root by all of the Mountain People including myself :) This is not a complicated root to dry and is always worth drying as the root pays better dry no doubt. Just keep this one turned and spread apart for good results and to keep a happy buyer/dealer.