Fresh Ginseng

Poor quality ginseng is often purchased by a consumer that does not realise that they are buying ginseng from the fourth or fifth dealer down the line.

Dealers and Websites do not tell you this because  they do not dig or purchase the fresh wild ginseng themselves but they buy it from many different people many different times and by the time that you receive the ginseng it has been resold,handled and stored many times the ginseng has not been kept cool and it is no longer fresh and crispy but bruised and damaged.

When I go to the market place to buy a tomato for my family I do not pick up the bruised and damaged tomato in the bin but I pick up the fresh and good-looking tomato to feed my family.

Why then should my wild fresh ginseng not be the same ? especially when I am paying very good money for it.

Here at Taylors we talk to our diggers about Proper Harvest methods and our Family is very good diggers the first step to quality fresh wild ginseng is to harvest it correctly then you must know how to handle it and ship it and we are very experienced at this and most importantly we care about doing it right..

For the highest quality Fresh Wild Ginseng available today buy from some of the few dealers who truly deals fresh wild ginseng cutting out the middle man and providing the highest quality fresh wild ginseng available today anywhere.

I can be bold and tell you this because what I say is true and I can and will welcome you to my home to prove to you that what I say is true.

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