Beth Root

Buying and Selling Beth Root – There are two price guides dealers guide and diggers guide please request the one that you need here and I will send you one.

Beth Root can have a White Reddish or even a Yellowish flower use Google Photo`s for a look at the many colors of the flower really neat.

Beth Root is the most common name but this root has several titles A perennial of the woods, Beth root is also known as Birth root because Native Americans used it to aid in birth. It acts on the female reproductive system and contains a precursor of female sex hormones; in the past, it was used to stop excessive uterine bleeding. This herb is also known as Lamb’s Quarters, Wake-Robin, Indian Balm, Indian Shamrock, and Ground Lily.

The root is bulbous in shape and when you dry the root always cut the larger roots into 3 to 4 peace’s and the smaller roots at least twice. This will allow the root to dry quicker and it does not affect the value of the root to cut it. ( some root should not be cut but it is ok to cut this one and is needed as well ) The root is very difficult to dry other wise and may mold on you.

The roots pictured here are dry