Ginseng Diggers 2014

Diggers Please Call me or L.Bill for pricing from this time forward as the market changes constantly during the season.

Bill Sr: 606-302-1187    –    Bill Jr: 606-302-3856

No one beats our prices in our area for wild fresh ginseng.

Do not wash the fresh wild ginseng roots . Just bring them to me dirty.  We will be paying a little extra on the weight because of the dirt on the unwashed roots, but that is ok..

We pay top market prices for common fresh root 5 years age and up.

Old and heavy fresh wild roots that have been harvested correctly with out damage to the fiber roots and the necks –  I will take care of you for them period – leave the dirt on them –

We do not buy baby wild roots from 1 to 4 years of age it is illegal to harvest them, to buy them or to re sell them. Roots must be 5 years of age. Please let the baby’s grow for the future.


Dry Wild Ginseng Diggers  – Do you want a Premium Price for your dry ginseng ? If so then help me to be able to do it for you by following three easy steps through season before you bring it to us.

Hear is how to get Premium prices from us for dry wild ginseng.

1 – Dig only 5 year old and older roots – small roots are illegal to dig, buy, or sell and they create dust in the bottom of your box. No baby ginseng is excepted.

2 – Wash both sides of the root before drying. Do not over wash them but do not leave them dirty. The best way is to use a water hose with a sprayer. Lay the roots down and spray one side. Then turn them over and spray the other side. Then dry. (you do not have to use a hose it is just a safe way. If you have a method that works that is ok also)

3 – Do not break them up. Once drying the roots become more fragile. Do not over handle and break the roots up. Tell others they can see the roots where they are but not to handle them.

These three easy steps will bring you top price when you visit me.

If the seng you bring is dusty at the bottom and broking a lot it is considered the lowest grade and will bring only market price.

If we see baby ginseng we can not buy it at all it is illegal.

Thank you,

Billy Taylor.

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